The Golden Pink-Pineapple Promise

I call it Prom, for short. Short for the Golden Pink-Pineapple Promise. Pineapples are great; many tropical fruits are great. They are my endless source of inspiration.

Prom is a workspace I have been planning to develop to host my artistic and “entrepreneurial journey” in celebrating the #everyday every day.

rulenative02/11/2019 15:43:09

Some people will say that entrepreneurship is overrated. I tend to agree with that position. However, until I find a better word to describe the process of designing, planning, and running a business, I think I’ll stick with the term. Everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is different and some take longer than others. Mine is often spiritual and serendipitous. (I’ll get back to this later.)

Breaking Your Very Own Promises

It’s easy to break promises to yourself. No one knows if you keep them. No one knows when you break them. And nobody else will know unless you declare your promises like variables at the beginning of your code.

I make promises to myself. Very often and intentionally. I make them as quick as I break them, and I don’t keep track of them. I just let them go.

In addition to that, I value the promises others make, the promises others expect of me, the promises other people don’t keep, more than the promises I make to myself and the promises I don’t keep. I mean, what can be learned from them?

If you think about it, many of the “small promises” we make are intentionally made to be broken. When the other person tells you, “Just give me a second,” before breaking off mid-conversation, you know for sure that whatever she had to deal with won’t just take one second.

It’ll just be a minute.

Just a moment.

This won’t take long.

How long is “long” anyway? How much time is in a moment? These words are things that we don’t really mean, and those are the things we don’t intend to keep. Those promises.





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